Just as there is black market for various goods and services, there exist a black market for organs as well. You might have seen this in a movie where a person urgently needs a heart, a kidney or a bone marrow. Most of such movies revolves around shedding light on what people are willing to do just to make sure that their loved ones survive to see tomorrow. What is the origin of organ black market? The illegal acquisition of organs has recently increased as a result of an increased demand on human transplantable organs. On the other hand, the organ donors are hard to find. In some parts of Africa, for example, people make it an effort not to donate their organs even when they are dead.

Myths Associated With Organ Transplant And Donation

There is a myth that revolves around organ transplant; where people tend to believe or feel like giving a person an organ is a form of impersonation. Think of this scenario, you have given someone your heart basically because you will be dying in a few days to come. Given that people believe that the heart is what makes one a mortal soul, the transfer of a heart from one person to another is like transferring your soul to another person. If John’s heart was given to Vincent, then people perceive that Vincent died and John is still alive. These are some of the negative perception that has continuously affected people’s willingness to donate their organs to those in need.

Is It Justifiable To Make Organ Donation A Law?

Amid increasing levels of human organ trafficking, some of the governments in the world have gone beyond the unimaginable by automatically registering citizens as potential organ donors. What does this mean? It means, you have no right to decide whether to give an organ to a person in need or not. In the event that a person is in need, a number of citizens will be summoned so that their organs can be examined if they are fit for transplant to the person in need or not. In this case, your luck lies on whether your organ is compatible or not.

Australia is one of the few countries that have come forward to make it mandatory for citizens to donate their hearts. The reason behind this is that it is one of the ways of curbing increasing case of human trafficking. Human trafficking is closely associated to the increasing demands of human organs.