Prophesies are said to come to pass and so has the prophecy that migrants from Mexico would seek asylum in U.S during President Trumps tenure. This is what the former U.S President, Barack Obama had predicted and has come to pass too. Interestingly, during his campaign for presidential seat, Trump was heard talking of how he would cub trans-border menace. This is a problem that he has promised the citizens that he would handle. Unfortunately, during the past two weeks, a huge crowd of people (Caravan) has been spotted from a distance coming towards U.S southern border. Unlike in other countries where asylum seekers are warmly welcomed, the Caravan has received a cold welcome after arriving at the U.S-Mexico border.

What Do We Know About The ‘Caravan’?

If we sit down and think about it, so many questions will pass through our minds. The first question is “Why is the Caravan regarded as an imminent threat to the security of U.S?” If we go as per President Trump’s ideas, we will certainly conclude that the presence of so many undocumented immigrants from Mexico has been linked to internal insecurity, high rates of unemployment as well as economic burden on the U.S federal government. However, far from the fact that these immigrants poses threats to internal security, we cannot help but ask; “why are other countries opening its borders for both legal and undocumented immigrants.

Why Not Host The Immigrants?

Think of a country like Kenya; it is a country which host more than a million undocumented immigrants from Somalia. Besides the fact that they have been a reservoir for terrorist who have been terrorizing Kenyans, this country has managed to host time long enough. This juxtaposes on the fact that Trump is against the entry of the caravan into U.S. Why? Basically because unlike Kenya, the U.S has technological infrastructure which could ensure that all the undocumented immigrants are registered and monitored. Secondly, the U.S has more than enough resources to accommodate these asylum seekers for as long as they would wish.

So What Now?

The issue of ‘Caravan’ fast approaching U.S border is not new but the issue has been politically parroted. That is the reason why the Trump’s administration has continued to uphold its efforts in barring the huge waves of immigrants from entering the U.S. It should be remembered also that in his campaign, he promised to build a wall along U.S-Mexican border at whatever cost. In barring the travelers (Caravan), President Trump is simply keeping his promise.