Latest Mac Malware Found in Wild Installing Backdoors

The malware disguised as fake file converter at reputable download sites. The malware is targeting Mac system that has been discovering in the wild, which allowing attackers can hijack user computers.

The antivirus vendor security researchers Bitdefender dubbed Backdoor.Mac.Elanor, If the malware install, a backdoor allow attackers to get full access to the Mac systems, including all the users data and can control the webcam. This malware installs itself under the guise of “Easy Doc”, a file converter that can be available to download in reputable sites for Mac Users, warned by Bitdefender.

The malware uses a tool name ‘wacaw’ to obtaining videos and images from the webcams. Another component allows attackers to edit, view, delete, upload, rename and download archive files. They can also execute scripts and commands.

Although, Apple’s approved certificate does not digitally sign the application, means Macs with Apple Gatekeeper enable protection with a security package.

Source: Cnet
Image by Bitdefender

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