Massive Floods in China, 94 Missing, Kills 78 and 400k people evacuated

Beijing (AP) – Reported that 78 people have killed and 91 missing across China following a round of falling rapidly and in copious quantities rains swept through the country earlier this week, that gives the state a flooding streams and triggering landslides.

According to Ministry of Civil Affairs, declared last Friday that evacuated people are more than 400,000 individuals.

The worst area is in the Northern province of Hebei that list a 36 people dead and 77 has missed.

The town Xingtai alone in  Hebei reported a 9 people reported killed and also 11 missing.

Local police are blaming the failure of a river dam for the heavy casualties and individuals in the village had complained to local media that they were not notified in the time evacuate when officials decided to release floodwater from the upstream reservoir.

Source: WJLA
Image by MARK/EPA

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