If you are an iOS developer, then Microsoft’s Xamarin already enabled you to develop your iOS applications in C# with the guidance tools like Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio.

Though, you still required a Mac to develop and test your apps.

As the company stated, that does not matter anymore. With the latest Xamarin Live Player, you can deploy, run, test plus debug iOS apps right from a Windows PC that operates Visual Studio.

Now, Microsoft is ending the loop for most developers and is making a step nearer to its goal of putting Windows 10 on the chosen operating system for cross-platform development.

To let this new functionality, developers must install the Xamarin Live Player app on their iOS device including pair it to their PC by scanning a QR code toward their screen.

Because the feature fully baked into Virtual Studio, you also get access to all of the standard functionality you would demand in your IDE.

Microsoft shows us that it spoke to Apple about this feature and that it has its rival’s blessing and that the Live Player application complies by all of Apple’s general rules.

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