For most of us, when someone mentions Microsoft, the first thing that comes to mind is Bills Gates and Melinda Gates. Why is this so? Simple, it is because Bill Gate is the founder of Microsoft Limited and has been working hand in hand with his wife to manage the company since it was launched. There are rumors which have eventually become true that says that one of the former CEO, Steve Ballmer had at some point mismanaged the company. The company had no power to compete with other companies such as Apple and this was a sad state for such a conspicuous and lucrative company.

You will agree with me that with the good news that Microsoft has finally clinched its former glory, most of us feel better because Microsoft is everything to some of us. Personally, I have never used any other OS from any other company and this has made me feel like am part of Microsoft. Customer loyalty is indeed a factor which has made Microsoft to triumph over other companies. The success of Microsoft has been echoed by many to a point where everyone wants to be part of Microsoft community.

Factors which have placed Microsoft at the top in 2018

You will amazed to find out that Microsoft has appeared at the top not because of its new product (Microsoft Windows 10) but because it has embraced other technologies in its devices. Such other technologies which has helped Microsoft to lead in the year 2018 include iOS and Android platforms. It is expected that Microsoft will continue leading in the next few years.

The development of good devices

Microsoft has always been serious about developing new devices and some of those devices include Surface Pro (2017), Surface Laptop, Surface Book 2 and Surface Studio. You will agree with me that these were very good devices and although they fell short of glory, Microsoft used it as stepping stones to its glory in this year 2018.

Good Leadership

Good leadership is something that I can bet on as far the success of Microsoft 2018 is concerned. The leadership of Satya Nadella has been impressive and it is through his leadership that Microsoft was able to clinch to position in the year 2018. Apparently, we never know what will happen next considering that there are other companies competing with it.