Microsoft Released the Booking Appointments Online Service

This update is aiming for small business owners that can tailor in Microsoft Office 365, a full-service system for scheduling appointments.

The Microsoft Bookings is a new service that makes business owners process through phone calls, emails or text messages.

Customers will able to look a list of prices, then schedule the time of appointments with a record of employees.

Bookings will then email the clients a confirmation containing an invitation that they can put on their calendars.

In the backend system, the business owners can see the schedule with all the details of appointments scheduled across all of the employees that they manage.

 It is also possible to cancel, re-assign, or reschedule appointments from the screen as well.

Every customer who schedules an appointment through Booking will put into a list of contacts, that business owners can able to follow up with them about their appointments.

Microsoft also planning to make a Booking mobile app that makes easier to manage the system while away from keyboard (AFK).

Booking service is only available to users of Office 365 Business Premium right now.

The service is rolling out to customers that register through First Release program is starting Wednesday.

All Business Premium customers worldwide will get access to Booking within the coming months.

Source: PCWorld
Image by Microsoft

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