Duolingo will publish a new app in the following months with the latest audience in mind “children as young as four”.

The name if the new app is Duolingo ABC, and according to the company reported on Wired UK that it will initially focus on teaching kids to read including write in their native tongue.

The firm main aim is to build a version for adults and help hundreds of millions of people who can’t read worldwide.

Duolingo will roll ABC out as a experiment in the UK first ere proceeding into US and the rest of the world.

Duolingo ABC will begin by teaching kids to identify letters, words, and later sentences before jumping on to paragraphs.

Von Ahn says the company operated with literacy experts to settle on the various teaching methods it’ll use, such as concentrating on unique sounds in words and on the connection between written characters including spoken sounds.

The app was also intended to widen and increase the childrens vocabulary furthermore reading knowledge.