Google Photos is enhancing its cloud storage service with a couple of additional automated sharing highlights today that might be a bit too smart for their good.

The first is kinda neat: a new Sharing tab will display your pictures of notable events that Photos believes you might desire to send exclusively to certain people.

Your receivers can then add photos to the shared album. It’s a smart evolution of Photos’ existing sharing functionality that I can see myself doing once in a while.
The next feature is the one that gets tricky. Shared Libraries lets you give your preferred contacts access to any or all of your photos, all the time. Meaning they’ll be ready to see all the images that Photos shares by them from your account automatically.

Of course, it’s not exclusively harebrained. You can hold the app only let your contact see photos of distinct people – so, you could probably let a friend just access pictures of themselves of your account.

It’s also worth carrying in mind that while Photos is made good at recognizing faces, it’s not accurate – so you will end up sharing many pics than you meant to even after arranging limitations in this feature.

Willing to try these for yourself? They’re rolling out promptly on Android including iOS and appear to have become possible on the web already.