People at his age or older will may say that Mr. Fox is out of his mind, but there is something that inspired him to do so. With that idea at hand, you will agree with me that getting a tattoo nowadays is not a big deal especially because that is the trend with you personalities. You will agree with me that there is something that must have driven Fox to do what he did. The question is, “Why did he choose a turtle rather than any other thing?” None of us might answer this question.

Michael Fox Words On Getting Such A Tattoo

After being invited for an interview at Time Square, Mr. Fox did disclose that as he was swimming, he came across this turtle that came close and swam with him. The most astonishing thing was it was not shy and it was as though it wanted protection from him. This turtle had a sizeable chunk from its fin missing and it looked like it was a disabled turtle. Recently there has been an increasing sensitization on the need for global pooling of efforts to protect the ever endangered turtles. After a short wreck of mind, I could finally conclude that Michael Fox could have been touched by this particular turtle.

The Tattoo Is One Way Of Saying Lets Protect The Turtles

Considering that Michael Fox is a popular and prominent actor, getting this first tattoo of a turtle could be a way of making people aware of what the turtles are going through and what we need to do to protect them. Through his twitter handle, it is clear that his action did attract the attention of more than a million individuals. This means that whereas people would like to follow this personality, they will also express what this person thinks and share his ideas. Soon, everybody will be talking about protecting turtles and even getting turtle tattoos all over their bodies.

Michael J. Fox Foundation Soon Fund Turtle Protection

It is logic for me to predict that sooner or later, Mr. Fox will bring in more and more partners with the aim of finding ways of protecting sea turtles. This will certainly be a way of bringing more people on board to preach the sea turtle gospel to the masses and get them protect the turtles.