Pokémon Go Buddy Begin Rolling Out this Coming Week

Niantic has confirmed the next update for the game Pokemon – version 0.37.0 on Android and version 1.1.0 on iOS – is being prepared to roll out in this coming days.

The update will cover the Pokemon GO Plus device, which aims to make easier to catch Pokemon and collect PokeStop goodies by not needing to take your phone out of your pocket and the new feature called Buddy Pokémon feature.

The Buddy Pokemon feature is let players choose their one of the favorite Pokémon to pair with their in-game trainer, turning to displayed on their profile and map screens.

According to the patch of Niantic, once players assign a Buddy, they will able to earn candy for that Pokémon each time they will make a walk a certain distance.

Also, Niantic stated that Pokémon Go would no longer run on a smartphone that has been jailbroken or rooted.

Source: pokemongolive

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