Pokémon Go - Dig Deep on iOS Linking Google Accounts 1

Pokémon Go is the latest mobile game nowadays, but if you are playing the games toward iPhone and signed into Google account, you handled grant full access to your entire Google account towards Niantic – the creator of the game.

According to Adam Reeve, a principal architect in Red Owl analytic, nothing in the sign-up process indicates that your account is giving full access to the app. On another hand, Google help page stated that this means the application will now be able to see and modify all information to you Google account. That means anyone who has access to Niantic servers will be able to read and access all your email, your search history, google drive docs, private google photos and a lot more.

If you sign-up to the game managing Pokemon’s “Trainer Club” account, it wouldn’t be a problem, but Pokemon servers appear down. While this Google full access issue appears on iOS, some of Android users also reported same as well.

Update: Niantic labs confirm that it’s not a reading emails. Rather, it has far more accessible for the game and company, that it’s working to fix for the client to only request the correct permission. Google reduce ‘Pokémon Go’ access to its end soon.

Source: Engadget
Image by Brunch News

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