Important information has been issued over a traditional heartburn medication, with concerns it could include a chemical linked to cancer risk.

Zantac and its generic equivalents including ranitidine could be a cancer risk

The tests showing that nearly all those drugs sold in Australia carry a carcinogen called NDMA.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has put the drugs suppliers on notice and voluntary recalls are expected. Sandoz Australia has already announced a recall.

The TGA state that while opportunities from short term use of ranitidine are supposed to be extremely low, ‘long term exposure, beyond years, can develop an individual’s risk of growing cancer’.

Canada including France has already announced recalls, while the US and the European Union are examining, according to the BBC.

The medications have been excluded from major US stores like Walmart, CVS including Walgreens.

Ranitidine products are applied to treat conditions such as heartburn by decreasing the making of stomach acid in affected patients.