Realme is now a leading brand in the world of smartphones. This Chinese brand is gaining a lot of popularity these days with their top-notch Android phones. They are offering some great phones to the customers with high-end features and classy cameras. But till date, users need to use the Google play store to download their preferred apps. Google App store offers lots of free and paid apps to the users and people need to sign in with their Google Id to avail them. But Real Me is going to launch now their own app store as the rival of Google play store. One can download them with Realme Id.

Some Glimpses Of Realme Brand

Realme is comparatively a new brand, which is giving some great smartphones to the world. They have been in the market since last year after separation from already known Chinese smartphone company Oppo. They have made a good mark in the market of India and six other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Egypt.

Latest News On The Brand

Realme has introduced recently its very own community. This community is designed only for the user’s convenience. Here the users of the Realme smartphones can ask their queries and questions to the experts of the brand and they come up with all the solutions to their issues. Software update and suggestions are also available for the users who are using them.

Apart from all such things, the latest news that coming is that the brand is ready to launch their dedicated app store for the users. This news has been reflected in the Realme community. As per the request of the users, they have responded that they are in process of making it. It is expected that they will launch it soon and it will be a strong competitor of Google play store. You can expect to get some top-notch apps there with easily available options. It will work as an alternative to the Google Play Store and the users will find all the apps and games that they usually find in Google play store.

Realme is not the first one who is going to launch the app store but there are many other renowned smartphone companies has already launched their own app stores like Xiami, Samsung, Huawei etc. Users are looking forward to getting their own app store on the phones with some free and advanced applications, games, books and more.