Cristinao Ronaldo revealed the truth why he left Real Madrid that was the actual reason for his transfer to Juventus. Ronaldo said Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president was the actual reason that he left the club.

What’s the reason?

Ronaldo, after a few weeks of rumours and speculations, slowly hinted today the decision of leaving Real Madrid, especially on winning consecutively the third Champions League title for Real Madrid.  Ronaldo said, “Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president looked at him as a business relationship purely and anything that he told was not from his heart’, he informed France Football magazine. This made Ronaldo sign with Juventus a four-year contract and he moved to Italy.

Cristiano Ronaldo said, ‘In the initial four to five years, he felt his presence being felt and slowly it looked like he was not really essential as the president looked through’. This thought made Ronaldo leave Real Madrid. Despite the achievements, Ronaldo left the Spanish giants as he read the club’s president eyes that read him as a financial commodity and Ronaldo did not like this way of looking at him. However, the Real Madrid have claimed that the transfer or Ronaldo was at his will and request, though they did not deny that Perez’s attitude had changed towards him.

What does Juventus offer?

Juventus offer Ronalda £90m as fee over the summer after crashing the goal scoring all-time record of the Real’s and leading them to major 14 honours, this also included the four Champions League titles and La Liga two crowns.

Ronaldo confessed that he would look at the news and hear them saying I was requesting to leave, of course that was a bit of the truth as He got the impression that the Real Madrid president will not request him to stay on.

Real Madrid had this season a good start and fell apart as Sevilla beat them in La Liga with 3-0. This includes the valid reason of missing their talismanic goal scorer. Right from then, Real Madrid already lost four of five matches in competitions ending against Atletico Madrid, the city rivals ending one in a draw.

Ronaldo’s charm

Ronaldo settled in Italy now helping Juventus standing unbeaten bringing seven of 10 goals. This move of Ronaldo appears to be a smart move and he is happy and convinced with his decision. He says he is vindicated by his decision as he feels loved. He also said, if it was just about money, he could have very well moved to China and earned five times more.