Samsung has shut down its last factory in China, Reuters report.

This move comes after the company had suspended another factory last year, including a cut down on the production of factory located in the southern city of Huizhou in June.

Samsung refused to define the Huizhou plant range roughly the numbers of staff.

The factory was established in 1992.

Samsung ruling to shut down production comes in light of the stiff competition from domestic corporations similar to Huawei in China.

Samsung part in the Chinese market has been on a drop for quite a while which the company had shifted to the sixth position in Q2 2017, amidst only a 2.2% market share given by the end of 2017.

The market share promptly stands at just 1% in Q1 2019, competition from Huawei and Xiaomi, which is a far from the 15% market share Samsung back in 2013.

This difficult decision from Samsung is said to be taken to boost overall efficiency.

Samsung will remain selling smartphones in China, including production duties have been delivered over to lower cost regions.

Production equipment from the Huizhou plant will be re-allocated to different global manufacturing sites, depending on the company global making strategy based on market needs.