Spotify is Delivering Music Through Email

Spotify create an unusual feature to let you customize your out of offices messages with a related to your subject. The new tool is called “Out of Office” (OOO), is available to anyone with having a Spotify account and the process will rather simple.

The OOO is asking if where you are heading, whether you are in the mood for a trip or traveling for work. Spotify can create 25 songs in the playlist that are traditional to the area you were going. If you’re not feeling the song given, you can just change the mood to party, relaxed or adventure.

After you creating a playlist, OOO will come up with a message that you can paste in your email and adjust as you like.

When people who receive your OOO message will have to click, the link ‘get a taste’ regarding your trip.

Source: Cnet
Image: screenshot in Spotify 

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