A suicide-bomber blew himself up near central Damascus on Sunday, hitting at least 20 people, according to via the Syrian foreign ministry.

Dozens further were injured, covering children, the ministry said in a report to the UN Security Council, according to over state media.

Authorities had been seeking three cars and were able to catch two and destroy them, state media said.

As they closed during on the third car near the city’s Al-Tahrir Square, the suicide bomber on board blasted it.

Following the civil war began in 2011, attacks have seldom hit Damascus. Government companies and allied militias have held a firm grip on the city.

In March, rebel groups began a surprise attack in northeastern Damascus, taking the support of Syrian regime forces overstretched with fighting elsewhere in the country, a specialist said at the time.

The Syrian government’s military presence in the capital located in the south of the country has weakened due to its focus on fighting ISIS near Raqqa, in the north, said Andrew Tabler, a superior fellow in Arab politics at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.