Brazilian footballers always stay in headlines. The reasons behind their presence in viral news are there extraordinary activities shown in the game. Mostly the goals stay in headlines but in this weak, the saves given by goalkeeper are at top ranking.

Who are these Topper Goalkeepers?

Saviour 1:

Liverpool’s newly signed goalkeeper Allison Becker kicked the things off with a perfect save in the game. This is the save that keep the Liverpool in Champions League they are playing against Napoli. This save brings a lifeline for them when they are near to knock out due to an equalizer.

Saviour 2:

Another best save is done by Manchester goalkeeper Ederson. It is considered one of the best saves done in champion’s league during this week. Ederson got lots of praise from his fans because of this big achievement. One of his fans tweeted that it was a good effort from Kramaric but ends with a top save by Ederson. There is a great cheer up of fans when Ederson blocked the ball with fingertips.

All the fans are talking about these two saves of Brazilian goalkeepers Alisson and Ederson. It is said that it’s not the most difficult save of Alisson but the required block to save their position in the champion’s league. This is the reason that the team of Jurgen Klopp enters into the last 16 finalists of this championship. The save of Ederson is much better as compared to Alisson. If we talk about which one is the best from both, then we can say both played an important role to save their team’s reputation and position in Champion’s League.

Who got the Victory?

Manchester City won this match with 2-1 points and gets enlisted in the top saves by their goalkeeper Ederson. It can be said the “save at tips” because Ederson uses just his fingertips to block the ball entering into the goal. This headline becomes viral in this week and considered as one of the most viral sports events in December. The save by Ederson kept the level of scores against Hoffenheim.

These two saves stay in rumours because of the remarkable effort of both the players. We can say these saves are much in headlines then goals during this week. It is the 1st time when saves are at the top instead of goals. The Ederson saves with fingertips are considered as the save of the year. This is really a big achievement by both the players by showing their dedication towards their team.