One will agree with me that not all images posted on instagram are real. In fact some of them are simply images that have been photo shopped. That means that one combines images from different mediums and make them look like it is an image of someone harming him/herself. With that idea at hand, it is very important to think about the consequences of banning the posting of such images on Instagram. There are a number of things that might happen if instagram will continue holding on to this decision.

Lovers Of Instgram Might Abandon The Platform

When a decision is done without considering the needs of others, then, it becomes difficult for some of the users to hold on to such a platform because there needs may not be met. For example, am a photographer who posts fictitious images of people harming themselves like in the ancient wars of Thor; since I love posting images of both self and mutual harm so that my audiences can see, the removal of such images by the admin will mean that there will be nothing left for my audiences to see. That also means that there will be nothing remaining for me to do at instgram.

Not All People Normally Post Self-Harm Images

It is true that when someone posts and image, I could be tagged on such an image without my consent and that means one thing. It means am not the owner or the origin of the image and deleting such an image from my page is unjustified and with no basis. In order to make things work here, such images may be barred from circulating as soon as the original source posts it. Deleting images when they are already on one’s page is not a good thing and not the right way to go.

Instagram Will Have Jeopardized The Need For Freedom Of Posts

With the current or the modern world, people post images basically because they enjoy the freedom of expression. Some of us love posting bloody images and that could be a source of our satisfaction. However, if instagram keeps deleting our images from our pages then it means that they will have infringed on our fundamental rights and freedom. It is better not to delete such images but just increase the age limit as a requirement for a user to enroll with Instagram.