Disney CEO Bob Iger has resigned from Apple’s board of directors, Apple said in an SEC filing last Friday.

Apple and Disney’s stock was unchanged on the news.

Disney is driving streaming video service Disney+ on Nov. 12, which will clash with Apple TV+ service, listed to become available on Nov. 1.

Iger left on Sept. 10, the day Apple published the price and release date for it’s streaming service.

The two streaming services will frequently come into conflict in the future as both compete for unique content.

Iger was personal friends with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Disney acquired Jobs’ other company, Pixar in 2006, and Jobs was on Disney’s board until his death in 2011.

Jobs implied Iger take his position on the Apple board when he died, according to Fortune, and Iger joined the board that year.

Iger was the chair of Apple corporate governance committee and on Apple compensation board, according to the company’s proxy filing earlier this year.

Disney and Apple have had a solid corporate relationship over the years.

Disney was one of the first influential companies to develop apps for iPhones and iPads.