Nintendo formally joined the modern era of gaming on Tuesday as the company stated that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wish have an expansion pass available for purchase on the day the game launches. It will cost $19.99 and will receive two sets of DLC that will issue in 2017.

As quickly as you purchase the expansion pass, three new treasure chests will add to the game’s Great Plateau area. Two of those chests will highlight items to help Link on his quest, and the other will include a shirt with a Nintendo Switch logo on it that Link can use while he runs throughout Hyrule.

The primary content pack, which hits this summer, will add “a Cave of Trials challenge, a distinct hard mode, and a new piece of the in-game map.” The second pack, starting over the holiday season, will lead “new challenges that will let players experience a new dungeon and a unique original story.” The expansion pass mind is open on both the Wii U also the Switch, and the content inside will be identical.

For those of you who don’t care about the hard mode and just want more story, it looks like you’re out of luck. Sadly, the two content packs cannot purchase individually, so if you want to add content to your copy of Breath of the Wild, you’re going to have to spend the full $19.99 as the expansion pass.

Watch Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma launch the paid DLC in the video below:

Source and image by Zelda

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