The Olympic Basketball Team USA Features Nike Shoes

The team photo of U.S. Basketball team was released, and it did a confused mixture. It is not categories to ‘tallest in the back’ rule, to be a no reason to the arrangement. Players who spotted a non-Nike shoe apparel are not visible to Klay Thomson, Kyle Lowry, and Harrison Barnes.

The smallest player in the group is Lowry, a directly behind crouching Jimmy Butler, Barnes is behind DeMar DeRozan and Butler, and Thompson is standing behind the seat of Carmelo Anthony and crouching DeAndre Jordan.

This isn;t the first time that people have raised the issues regarding Nike. In the year 2008, Dwight Howard was the only player who had a no Nike shoe deal and him also happened to blocked the sitting with Mike Krzyzewski.

A USA tradition since 2008, when players lined up in reverse order so Coach K himself could block Dwight’s adidas:

— Nick DePaula (@NickDePaula) July 18, 2016

Source: thebiglead
Image by NickDePaula

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