The Pentagon of the United States has recently authorized one billion dollars for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

The wall on the border is one of President Trump’s campaign promises:

A few weeks ago a state of emergency was decreed after the refusal of the Democratic caucus in the legislature to grant the necessary funds for the construction of the barrier.

What Is The Approved Money For?

The statement details the specifications that the wall must have according to the specifications of the Department of Internal Security:

•    57 miles long

•    The height of 5.5 meters.

•    Install more lighting.

•    Improvement and construction of nearby roads.

The agency said that this is intended to support President Donald Trump.

This would be the first phase of a plan established by Trump for the construction of the wall because, on occasion, he said he plans to change to reach $ 1.5 Billion for construction.

Reason For Construction Of This Wall

The El Paso, Texas, sector has become the 2nd busiest corridor for people illegally crossing the border after the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, many of whom are families from Central America seeking asylum.

Trump says that the migrants are drug dealers and criminals who should not cross into the United States.

The sector of Yuma also recorded an increase in crossing illegally, particularly of Guatemalan families in its remote areas.

A Giant Construction

Along with the long wall, they will also be allocated to the construction and improvement of roads and to install lighting in these two sectors. The national emergency gives the Pentagon authority to build roads and barriers and install lighting to block drug trafficking in international border corridors in the US in support of anti-drug actions by federal agencies.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, decreed on February 15 a national emergency on the southern border in order to obtain the funds that the Legislature had denied him to finance the construction of the wall with Mexico. Congress, dominated by Democrats, approved $ 1.375 million for the wall, far from the 5.700 that Trump wanted, a disagreement that caused the longest administrative partial closing 35 days of US history.

With the national emergency, Trump sought to reach 8,000 million Dollars by diverting some 6,600 million previously approved for the Pentagon and the Department of the Treasury.