You are the proud owner of an SEO-optimized website. It took you a long time and a lot of effort to make it work, and now it is finally out in the deep and vast sea of the internet. You are sure that your work is going to pay off eventually.

But you know that your work does not end there. You know you have to go back in your steps every now and then to see how your SEO is doing.  You cannot afford the competence to catch you with your guard down. To revise your work and see what needs to be redone or improved, here is a list of questions that you have to make to yourself to make the process effective and really maintain your SEO game at its best:

How is my website looking like in mobile devices?

Mobile devices are no longer a luxury that only businessmen can afford. It is now a common tool that people use on a daily basis to look for things on the internet, answer their e-mails and keep in touch with each other. Meeting this need, search engines are now taking more into account whether a website is mobile friendly or not.

You can check how your website is looking by using the checker tool that Google offers to determine how friendly your website with mobile devices is. This valuable information will help determine if you either need to create a mobile-dedicated version for your website or if you just need to fix specific details in the layout of your website. Depending on how much effort you are willing to put in targeting the mobile user, you can make decisions knowing what needs to be done regarding SEO with this powerful tool.

How long does it take my website to load?

Nobody wants to stare at a blank screen, waiting for a website to load eventually. You might have experienced it yourself some time: when a website takes too long to show up, you just hit another link that gives you the information you are looking for quicker. This metric can be really critical if you want to generate traffic to your website. It has been already demonstrated that higher loading times leads to increasing exit rates, which is something you need to avoid at all cost.

Now, to test your loading time, there are several online tools that you can use. If you are a Google Chrome user, you could install the Page load time add-on. For Mozilla Firefox, there is also an app called Page Speed monitor. Now, you need to check multiple sites that are overseas, or you do not have a historical record of your loading times, it could be better to use the speed test offered by Pingdom. In this website, you can configure the test to be done automatically and regularly, and will also give you the option of testing websites located in other parts of the world.

If you have an issue with your loading websites, there are several details you will have to consider to improve that. Do not use large size files on your website, this will really make your loading slow if it is not managed properly. Also, keep the hardware from your servers up to date. Otherwise, you will not be able to handle properly the traffic that tries to enter your website. Overcharging old servers will only lead to headaches.

How much visitors are navigating my website?

Traffic is what keeps your website alive. This is the most critical value that you need to consider to check the impact of your SEO.

To obtain a detailed report of the traffic that is going through your website, you can use the SEMRush website. By typing in your website’s domain, you will be able to know what kind of traffic are you getting, which keywords have the most impact, who else is using those keywords and a number of backlinks generated by other domains. This kind of information will really give you the idea of where to focus, what needs to be improved and what is your competition doing.

How is my website actually showing up in a search engine?

This one might seem quite obvious, but it is always good to mention it. You should actually look your website using a search engine. This way, you can see how your website is being displayed in the SERP. This is also a good method to test your content management, the title and the keywords that you use and see what is the impact that they actually when being searched by regular users.

You should do this several times in case Google has not yet updated the SERP. When you finally have a series of test and a determined behavioral pattern, you can see what is wrong and what is good with the results that are being displayed. Modifying the tags and keeping proper descriptions on your website are always a way to improve your SERP positioning.

You can check also Steps to Increase your Domain Authority.

Is my website correctly configured?

Sometimes the problem is not the SEO but the way your website is configured. To see what is behind the curtains, you should look for the robots.txt file using a search engine. This way, you can make assure that whatever is accessible to the public will not compromise the integrity of your website. Also, you can check in a more technical way how your website is working. Do this hand to hand with your programmer, he can help you out with his skill to determine what needs to be done.

Are my social networks properly working?

If your website has accounts on Facebook, Google + or any other social media, you might want to look into that too. Check how are your social media links are popping up in the SERP and if the social profile is completely full. Update what needs to be updated and keep your profiles active and easily accessible.

How many backlinks am I getting?

Backlinks are a great way to get traffic to your website from other pages on the internet. You could use the website to see the domains that refer to you and how many backlinks you actually have. This will give you information about how “important” or “beloved” your website is on the market, which is always a good thing to know. Also, you can compare the information from your competitors and see how are you doing and what can be improved.

Am I done yet?

Yes, you are! After checking this details, you assure yourself to keep your SEO game at its best. Perform this revision periodically, and your website will always stay in the top spots on the SERP. Good luck!

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