“Focals” The New Smart Glasses By North

Many other companies have tried to make smart glasses but none of them has managed to succeed. Thalmic Labs have rebranded and now go by the name North. They have come up with a new pair of smart glasses called Focals that look very close to prescription spectacles. These glasses by North will cost approximately $1000 and you will have access to them later this year.

After four years and $140 million, North has managed to finally launch its smart glasses. Investors like Alexa Fund, Intel Capital, Amazon, Spark Capital as well as Y Combinator have also been involved.

This new technology operates using Bluetooth and allows you to view things in the glasses lenses. You will be able to tell the time, weather, view messages and much more simply from your glasses. They also have small speakers to help with navigation and assistance. Alexa, which is Amazons very common assistant, will be available for you to use.

Apple’s First Ipod Turns 17

This device has changed the lives of many. As for Apple, it marked their comeback into the ever-competitive tech world. Steve Jobs launched the very first iPod 17 years ago today. The three main features of this iPod were the ultra-probability, easy to use and the ability for it to sync automatically with iTunes.

This wonderful piece had a 5GB hard drive and was priced at approximately $399. The battery wasn’t too bad as it could last for about 10 hours. At a time when CD’s were a big thing, this compact device made it easy to carry all your favourite songs with you.

After the first iPod was launched, Apple continued to launch new and improved iPod on a yearly basis. Apple launched its last iPods called the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano in July 2017. The iPod touch is still available starting from $199 but we are still not sure if any new iPods will be launched.

In recent times, the iPod has been replaced by the iPhone. The first iPhone was released in 2007. The iPod has changed a lot of the years and with Apple introducing an iPhone it has left the iPod behind.

Even with the advanced iPhones, we have available today we will all cherish the memories that we have with the first iPod. This tech news today has brought back many good memories that cannot be replaced.

Free Shipping for all – Target

Target has announced that from the 1st November to the 22nd December, there will be free delivery on all items. The store normally has a flat delivery fee of $5.99 on orders less than $35. During this festive season, you will receive free delivery on all items including the small items less than $35 and you are not forced to buy more than what you have to just to get the free delivery.

This is targets way of beating competitors like Amazon and Walmart. By allowing you to place your orders online you already save enough time by not having to go to the store and stand in queues. The best part is you have access to all the latest items and don’t have to worry about fighting over that last toy in the shop.

Target is also improving and expanding their “Drive Up” services that will ensure that your items are delivered on time. By ordering from Target, you will save time and money and this leaves you with no excuses to attend Christmas parties empty handed.

US Voters Rescued By Snapchat

This technology news has raised a few questions on how exactly Snapchat did assist voters. Most social media platforms are used to promote and get you to register to vote. Snapchat launched a campaign to get people to register by providing them with a button and videos that would entice them to register. We are not sure how different other social media platforms like Facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram have been used to get people to register.

This Snapchat campaign helped 418, 000 people register in a short space of just two weeks. Remember, this is just to register to vote and not the vote itself. It will take time to know for sure if this method will really work. But it is a much more continent method to register especially for people living in competitive states. If this way does work it can increase the amount of votes by far especially for the higher elections.