A space plane X-37B landed at Florida – Sunday, covering up a record 780 days in orbit.

The US Air Force said the mission broke the mysterious plane’s record by spending more than two years in space.

The Air Force intends to launch a sixth X-37B mission someday in 2020.

The X-37B is designed to help as a platform for experiments including to offer insights on bringing satellite sensors and other equipment to and from space.

The X-37B executed its first flight in 2010.

The 2nd model held off on its first mission last 2011.

The program is classified, but the Air Force reveals few details about the specific nature of the experiments.

According to the latest mission hosted the Air Force Research Laboratory Advanced Structurally Embedded Thermal Spreader, a study designed to ‘test experimental electronics and oscillating heat pipe technologies in the long-duration space environment’.