Elon Musk, the famous South African entrepreneur is 83rd richest person of the world. He is a man who has proved that you can achieve what you think. Today, world knows Elon Musk due to Tesla and SpacEx, the projects which are likely to revolutionize this universe. He has got real innovative solution for making sustainable development possible.

Elon Musk is one of the most idealized entrepreneurs for the youth. Well, there are many interesting facts about this man, which his admirers would love to know.

Here are the 10 things about Elon Musk that you didn’t know.

1. He started at the age of 12

Elon Musk started his project at very young age. His first product was a video game, Blaster, which he coded at the age of 12. He programmed this game by using the Commodore VIC and sold it for $500. Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial journey started much on the pattern of Bill Gates. Elon Musk also had great interest in reading books. During his childhood he used to study for 5 hours. Such vast exposure to books gave him enough knowledge.

2. He feared dark

Very less people know that Elon Musk feared darkness. How he managed to overcome his fear is even more interesting. The credit goes to his interest in physics. By reading physics he knew that light was all about photons which were mall particles. Light didn’t exist when there were no photons and we experience light. Elon ultimately realized that it was useless to fear a condition of no photons. Perhaps, this is the very basic logic that Elon intends to teach the world.

3. Elon Musk has nationality of 3 countries

He was born in South Africa. At the age of 19 he moved to England. In the year 2000 Elon Musk moved to the United States of America. He is a patriotic man, and believes in working for the welfare of a country that adopted him. One can say that patriotic views of Musk are not limited in favour of birth place only.

4. He funds both, Democrats as well as Republicans

Elon Musk says that he is neither a diplomat not a republican. He funded election campaign of Republicans as well as Democrats. Well, there are certain surprising things as well. For example, Elon funded $1000 for the election campaign of George Bush. But he gave $100,000 in Barack Obama’s second term election campaign.
Elon Musk favours for sustainable development. He believes in working for aversion of climate change impacts. But he thinks that Policies of Donald Trump wouldn’t affect any of his business ventures.

5. He used to live on $1 a day

During his student life Elon Musk live off $1 a day. He used to eat cheap noodles as food. As precaution against illness like scurvy, he started using red pepper on those noodles. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t come from a wealthy background. In fact, Elon Musk dreamt bigger and did every possible thing to achieve those dreams.

6. He was inspiration for Iron Man

Not everyone knows that Tony Stark in Iron man was inspired from Elon Musk. The character plays the role of an entrepreneur and billionaire who has got plans for revolutionising the world. Robert Dowry Jr. states that they didn’t find any better inspiration for the character. Even Musk has cameo in the movie as well.

7. He married and divorced the same lady twice

Perhaps, this was the only thing about which Elon was not much sure. So, he experienced the same thing twice. He married Talulah Riley, a British actress in 2008 and divorced her in 2012. He later remarried her in 2014 and filed for divorce in 2016. Perhaps, Elon was too busy in his ventures that he didn’t find enough time for family.

8. Gigafactory- the second largest building in the world

Gigafactory is world’s second largest building. Elon is building it as part of pursuing his sustainable development goals for the planet. He is looking to power the building with batteries. In order to build those batteries he has also planned a building which is undergoing completion. Elon’s factory is likely to produce 99% of the batteries that are formed in rest of the world.

9. He wants to die on Mars

Elon’s business SpacEx is planning to build interplanetary connections. He believes the human beings should colonize Mars for explore more living places. SpacEx is working to cut the costs of travelling to Mars only to $100,000.

10. He wants to provide free internet to entire world

It is Elon’s dream to get the whole world online. He is looking to do so by putting the required technology around the Earth’s orbit. He has also asked government for assigning to him this permission.