Want to share your ideas in a different way is a challenge for every blogger, using podcast is a excellent idea to give a twist to your stories in your blog.

Starting a podcast will help bring another type of audience to your blog. Every day is more people are attracted to listening to a podcast, preferring this to read content. According to a recent report 4 out of 10 Americans listen to at least five podcasts a week. It is a great audience that being smart as you attract your blog. Good idea, right?.

But attracting more audience is not the only reason you should create a podcast. This medium helps you to have a more intimate relationship with your followers giving a plus to your blog. It will always be better to listen to a person than simply read what he writes. This way you can channel your listeners to read any content on your blog.

Here you have 10 helpful tips to get you started.

1. Schedule your topics.

Programming your topics will help simplify the work. Decide what you are going to talk about and how often you will do it, choose a topic and focus on it, take a sequential order, so you do not miss the idea. In the same way that you create a content calendar for the blog, you must be clear in your podcast your calendar to meet the objectives proposed by each topic.

Make a list of the topics that will work, keep in mind what was mentioned above is important to take a logical sequence, for example, if you are going to talk about “How to choose content for your blog” should have spoken before “steps To create your blog “assign a monthly theme can also be an excellent choice.
When you have properly scheduled it to speak in your podcast. Just think about recording and uploading your content on time.

2. Invest in a very good microphone.

Be very careful, a serious mistake is to start your podcast without making sure you have a good microphone if you still do not have enough money to make this investment I suggest you better wait to get it. The quality of your sound will make listening to you attractive or not for your listeners, keep this in mind.

We recommend the microphone Rode Podcaster is a very useful option for home recordings, another microphone can be the blue yeti, feel free to make your own inquiries and choose the one that best fits your budget, keep in mind the quality of it.

3. Use a professional front image and a good introduction.

If you do not have graphic design skills, my recommendation is to hire a professional in the subject. You must choose your front image according to your personal brand, getting a good designer can be a simple task, you can publish an ad in a freelancer or consult with a trusted friend. Note that the cover image in podcast will appear as a thumbnail so the design must fit this model.

The more professional your podcast is, the more traffic people will have. So do not skimp on these points, get out of your pocket and invest in the best, it will be worth it.

4. Build a sketch to follow.

Having a podcast without a clear sketch is going to be that you do not have an identity this will make that many times you deviate from a subject. Just as in a blog it is important to carry an order, in your podcast the same thing must happen, it does not mean that you have to follow something that you write line by line, what you must have is present the topics that must be addressed in each recording. This will be of great help to you to keep the topic thread. An interesting introduction that counts on something original on your part can give added value to your podcast but be careful what you do, do not overdo it always keep in mind the main theme that is what will attract your listeners.

5. Tell your experience.

Having your podcast will bring you closer to your audience. So talking about your experience on the subject you’re dealing with will help people feel identified with what you tell them. Use your own anecdotes and be funny this can help.

6. Find a special podcast hosting.

Now with your podcast online you have a giant reach. When this happens you must have an optimal bandwidth to support so much income, do not use the normal server of your site for this I recommend using services such as SoundCloud or Podomatic, which give you a quick and simple option to host your audios. These services will have an additional cost but necessary for the quality of your page. If you use WordPress, there are special plugins of the mentioned options.

7. Invite your blog from your podcast.

Mention your blog at least three times in your audios. It also provides a link where your audience can find more information about you, get them to see your content. Be sure to provide links that are easily remembered.

8. Get new subscribers.

To appear in the first list of audios in Itunes, you must achieve many subscriptions and ask your audience for comments. Another option is to provide a link that directs you directly to this point. This will rank you among the best podcast and help your goal be met, attract more visitors traffic to your blog.

9. Edit your audios.

You can hire someone to edit your audios, or do it yourself is not such a complicated task. There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube where you find information about the best tools to use and how to do it.

10. Have your own style.

Your style will mark your essence in your podcast. It is not necessary to fake your voice, do it naturally in each session. Learn in each recording and enjoy the process a lot, it does not make sense to do something with which you do not feel comfortable.

Now you are ready to launch your podcast, we wish you the very best in the process.

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