Keeping a healthy lifestyle is a struggle to many people all over the world as some struggle with obesity while others struggle with malnutrition. Regardless of the condition of your body the heart which is the battery of the body needs to be kept in good health in order for you to live longer. Studies have shown that 75 percent of heart conditions are actually preventable by just observing a healthy diet, foods that will affect the condition of your heart should be avoided like plague and these include fatty, sugary and junk foods.

For better results, you can alternate the variety of food you consume every day so as to maximize the full potential of the nutrients found in diets like vegetables, fish, whole grains and other foods. You might be wondering what types of foods to embrace in order to keep your heart in check; well here is the solution for you. The types of foods below will give your heart a healthy state and nourish your body.

1. Sardines

The sardine meal is full of omega-3 which is found in fish oil form and enhances the amount of good cholesterol reducing the possibility and risk of a heart attack. Sardines are best consumed when fresh so avoid the canned variety which contains high concentrations of salt.

2. Wild Salmon

This fleshy fish is filled with omega-3 acids which improve the metabolism of keeping the heart free from diseases. Salmon also contains an antioxidant called selenium which promotes cardiovascular protection. It is advisable to go for the wild salmon found in the sea and oceans and stay away from the farmed ones which have lower nutritional value.

3. Walnut

This small nut is fully filled with vitamin E, fiber, folate, omega -3 fat and unpolysaturated fats which all promote the condition of the heart and are best consumed without exposing them to sodium chloride the normal table salt. Apart from regulating the condition of your heart walnuts also gives you a sharp memory.

4. Liver

Liver contains fat elements that are suitable for your heart so consuming them regularly would greatly improve the health of your heart. Avoid cooking your liver with lots of fat.

5. Oatmeal

For a long time, oatmeal has proven to be an efficient cholesterol reducing meal and is beneficial only when eaten plain and in unprocessed form. You should avoid consuming the flavored type as they are dipped in sugar which is processed and therefore is not a healthy diet for your heart.

6. Blueberries

Despite being given the name blueberries these berries are dark and filled with resveratrol a powerful antioxidant that regenerates the human body to the cellular level and reduces the risks of getting a heart condition. Blueberries also contain flavonoids a combination of plant chemicals found in most fruits and vegetables which all work to protect your heart and keep it healthy. You can consume blueberries by mixing them with oatmeal or putting them in your yogurt or smoothie.

7. Green Tea

Chinese herbalists and nutritionists have for a long time preferred the green tea due to its medicinal values. The tea lowers the risk of high blood pressure by unclogging the blood vessels in the heart. This is done by catechin and flavonoids antioxidants which melt out the fat deposited in the blood paths thus reducing clots which can lead to a dangerous situation.

8. Soy milk

The value of soy milk in the human body has been of great significance with the presence of isoflavones an organic compound which has demonstrated its ability to reduce cholesterol which is a danger to the heart. This product does not have any element of cholesterol in it and has low levels of milk contains niacin a substance that helps in the circulation of blood.

9. Dark Chocolate

Contrary to the expectations of many people chocolate can lower the risk of heart diseases by lowering the blood pressure because flavanols contained in chocolate relaxes the arteries and increase the flow of blood. The best pick of chocolate will be the one which contains up to 70 percent of cocoa and is not filled with the addition of fats like palm oil.

10. Brussels Sprouts

This vegetable that resembles the cabbage is richly filled with vitamins that are good for your heart. Some of the health benefits of the Brussels sprout include improving the health of the blood vessels and reducing the inflammation that may occur in the cardiovascular system.

With these various ways, it is very much possible to improve the health condition of your heart by observing a strict healthy diet. The results will be a decrease in the number of visits to the doctor due to unnecessary health complications and a longer lifespan for you simply because a healthy heart translates to a longer life.