There are many unusual pets you can keep nowadays if you have been toying with the idea of owning a unique pet. Cats, dogs, parrots and hamsters are cute but you will realize exotic pets can bring better companionship and joy to you and your family. You will however need to think critically before owning them since they come with a huge responsibility of taking care of them. Below are ten unusual pets you can own these days:

Fennec Fox

1. Fennec Fox

The usual foxes make bad pets and can harm you or your household. There is however the Fennec Fox that can make an excellent pet in your home. This small and cute desert animal is the size of a cat or slightly smaller. They are quite smart and can easily be housetrained to even use a litter box instead of dirtying your house. This animal is a playful one and requires constant exercise. You can walk with this fox publicly as it poses no risk. The Fennec fox once fully grown reaches the size of a Chihuahua.

Sugar gliders

2. Sugar Gliders

These marsupials are very small and cute; they can fit into a pocket. They are friendly and docile hence making them one of the best unusual pets you can own. The downside though is that they cannot be toilet trained. You will have to restrain them in a cozy cage. They like sucking out nutrients from their food and spitting them out thus messing up the place.

A good time to play with them is in the evening since they are nocturnal animals. Once you get one of these cute pets, ensure you neuter them because they breed fast like rabbits.


3. Capybara

It is one of the largest rodents in the world related to the guinea pig natively found in South America. Once fully grown, they can reach a length of 4 feet and a weight of about 100 pounds.
It is advisable to get them while they’re still young and get used to them. The grown ones cannot be fully domesticated. This semi-aquatic creature needs a lot of outdoor space preferably where they can swim and drink lots of water. Their main diet is usually grass.

This pet is not recommended for families with young children since they are quite intolerant and can bite with their large teeth.


4. Finches

If you are a fan of birds but not the loud squawking ones, then getting a finch is your best bet. They are small, cute and quiet unlike the parrot that can be annoying with their mimicking sounds. Be sure to get two of these birds since they like a company of their own more. You don’t want a sad quiet bird in your house.


5. Chinchillas

These nocturnal animals are ideal to keep if you live in a place with a cool climate. They cannot live in a place with abnormally high temperatures. They are quite soft and furry with a bushy tail that feels good to touch. In case you settle for this pet, be sure to prepare a large cage with lots of space so that it can easily move around.

Hermit crabs

6. Hermit crabs

This can be a nice pet for apartment dwellers who want to own a low maintenance pet. All they need is an old fish tank, gravel and some extra shells in a variety of sizes. The reason for the extra shells is because hermit crabs like to change homes often as they grow. Always play and get fond of them so that they can get used to you or else they will be hostile and pinch you.


7. Iguanas

This can be an ideal pet for lizard lovers. They thrive well in places with warm temperatures. A mature green iguana is about six feet long. If you are getting a small one, ensure to get a big cage so that they can grow comfortably in it. Iguanas need special lighting both UVA and UVB in their cage for them to be comfortable.

Miniature donkey

8. Miniature donkey

This is a cute and fuzzy animal that can be a nice pet in your homestead. It is advisable to get at least two of them since they love being in the company of other donkeys. Although they are smaller than the usual donkey, miniature donkeys still require a lot of space for them to be comfortable.

A mature miniature donkey is a about three feet tall and weighs slightly over 300 pounds. These animals are great with children because of their docile and friendly nature.


9. Hedgehog

Don’t let their spines fool you, these animals can be incredibly friendly and affectionate to people. Hedgehogs are calm and require very little maintenance hence making them perfect pets for first time owners. You might need to give them more attention when they are still small.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals so be sure to be staying up late to play with them. Please liaise with your local authorities before buying this animal as a pet to avoid getting into trouble.

Spotted Genet

10. Spotted Genet

These exotic animals are natively found in Africa and make great pets for those who like independently minded animals. Their looks resemble a blend of a cat, raccoon and a ferret. Spotted genets are normally skittish and thrive well when they are the only pet in a home.