Our daily activities mostly cause air pollution and we both know and ignore, or we have little knowledge about the practices. These include open waste burning, emissions from the machines we drive and other known sources of air pollutants. Air pollution has negative impacts on the health both living and non-living organisms available on earth.  We ought to get into the practical part of doing away with pollution, and that is why this article focuses on the steps we can employ to less air pollution easily. The following ten ways help to less air pollution effects.

1. Adoption Of Public Transport

Public transport can be a measurable input to consider when it comes to ways of reducing air pollution to take care of the environment. Consider using public means of transportation to reduce the rate of emission increased by the rising number of personal vehicles.

2. Engage In Tree Planting

Application of this measure helps in air cleaning. Trees help in consumption of most chuff and toxic substances in the air. Having a tree garden near your home will reduce the rate of pollutants available at the same time reducing air pollution within your area.

3. Turn Off Electric Appliances And Lights When Not In Use

People might think that this is a way of reducing consumption rate of power, but also it helps in reducing air pollution. As the electrical appliance’s heat, they continue to pollute the air we are consuming and thus putting them off is a better way to reduce the rate of pollution monitored when they are on. People have less knowledge concerning air pollution resulting from electrical appliances; it is essential to have the experience today and start serving the environment of air pollution.

4. Do Regular Car Check-Up

Regular car check ensures that your car does not produce most pollutants. Cars tend to produce high pollutants when they have mechanical issues due to high fuel consumption. Regular check-up ensures that even the tires are well inflated. If the tyre inflates inefficient, fuel consumption will also go high, increasing pollution.

5. Avoid Increased Use Of Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous greenhouse gases produced from agricultural products and perfumes are dangerous to the environment. To have a safe environment with less air pollution, it is required of us to refrain from using aerosols.

The products have a high concentration of chlorofluorocarbons which are dangerous to the environment and agents of air pollution. We need to allude to products like strong perfumes for us to less air pollution easily.

6. Use Natural Gas Instead Of The Charcoal Stove

Cases of air pollution relate with charcoal burning to a significant degree. Environmental pollution regarding charcoal stove results from the initial day of tree cutting to the time you find yourself using the charcoal.

When deforestation is done to prepare charcoal, the elements of air filtration get reduced. Reducing means toxic concentration in the air is high. In addition to pollution, the charcoal preparation process will produce a high degree of carbon to the atmosphere increasing pollution rate.

Using charcoal stove will increase pollution to the environment and thus refraining from the use of charcoal stove can have a positive influence on air pollution. If we use natural gas which is user and environmental friendly we will reduce air pollution within our living.

7. Use Of Broom Instead Of Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers not only consume power but also pollute the air. Using leave blowers increase the amount of dust available within the atmosphere.

A broom can be healthier and economical in this case. Try this today and avoid instances of air pollution at home.

8. Use Of Green Product At Home

In opt to purchase a home product, it is essential to go for the best products that are eco-friendly to ensure we allude to products which pollute the air.

These include going for a pollutant with low pollution degree. Buy products which can recycle unlike those which cannot be reused. Use natural brash instead of sprayers for paints. Use less strong perfumes at home.

9. Smoke In Smoking Zones Only

Smoking raises the amount of carbon and other air borne diseases to the environment. To lower cases of air pollution, it is essential to opt to smoke zones if we think smoking is beneficial to us. Avoid smoking inside your house with less ventilation or when the windows are closed for the safety of the other people in the house.

Smoke only on smoking zones and this will reduce air pollution easily.

10. Use Water-Based Paints

Water-based paints have low-VOC, and they do not consume oil. Turning away from VOC paints will save the pollution caused by oil as a complement of carbon. No one has interest in the choking smell produced by VOC or petroleum-based fuels, and thus we need to use water-based paints instead.


The ten ways of reducing air pollution above are significant among other many ways of reducing air pollution. Going natural from the food we consume, the product we use and activities we engage in can be helpful in finding a solution to air pollution. Consider applying methods like use of public vehicles and am sure if you are the concerned environmental individual you will also opt to join local ecological conservation movements to reduce air pollution. Hope you have found this article useful.