Toyota, Ford and a few of other automakers have teamed up to create a nonprofit SmartDeviceLink Consortium. The combination will work to develop an open-source software platform that intends to give smartphone users more options for how their phones utilized in the car.

Suppliers are also getting interested. Panasonic, Harman, Pioneer, and QNX have all signed letters of a plan to join the group. Elektrobit Automotive, Luxoft Holding, and Xevo are already part of the SmartDeviceLink Consortium.

The goal is to loosen the death grip that Apple‘s Car Play and Google‘s Android Auto platforms currently have on the infotainment system. But since those environments are managed entirely by the tech companies behind the systems SmartDeviceLink Consortium assumes its solution will allow great security and quality by chance development up to multiple parties.

Stuff like this takes the time to get together, so don’t expect to see this open source platform coming this year.

Source: CNET
Image by TOYOTA

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