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Facebook Is Going To Invest In Journalism

As per the latest news coming on, Facebook has announced that the company is going to invest $300 million in Journalism activities. The vice president of Facebook, Campbell Brown has recently said that they are ready to invest in partnerships, news programs, and...

Wall Street Falls Back on Banks and Tech Stocks

Wall Street closed on a slump on Thursday i.e. on 29th of November with a backlash from financial and tech stocks that overshadowed gains from the Federal Reserve's report showing that the central bank is debating whether to halt interest rates. The Dow Jones fell...

Elon Musk, The CEO Of Tesla Confirms Coming To India Via A Tweet

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla company has confirmed its coming to enter India next year. Musk answered this in response to the expansion of the company outside Europe, North America, and China, that the company is considering ‘partial presence’ in India, South America,...

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