Donald Trump Threatens To Declare Emergency In US

Donald Trump Threatens To Declare Emergency In US 1

Trump made this claim recently after having a meet with the Democratic leaders of Congress to address the partial closure of the USA. On Friday, Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency to get an order of border construction with Mexico without the required for fund approval by Congress. What Did Trump Say In […]

Trumps Illegal Authorization Of Payments During His Campaign

Trumps Illegal Authorization Of Payments During His Campaign

Right after he won the election as the President of the United State, more and more have been revealed about trump. Apparently, all the revelations or findings have shown that trump committed felonies during his campaign. This is the reason why Adam Schiff confirmed that there are high chances that Trump could face a real […]

Is the Issue Of Immigrants So Important And A Source Of Internal Insecurity?

Is the Issue of Immigrants so Important and a Source of Internal Insecurity?

Prophesies are said to come to pass and so has the prophecy that migrants from Mexico would seek asylum in U.S during President Trumps tenure. This is what the former U.S President, Barack Obama had predicted and has come to pass too. Interestingly, during his campaign for presidential seat, Trump was heard talking of how […]

7 Ways To Increase Government Revenue

7 Ways To Increase Government Revenue 2

Any government across the world needs revenue for it to function. Only through the money it raises will it be able to spend for its people. This expenditure could be done for many reasons. Whether it is for healthcare or education, it is the duty of the government to do it. This is why they […]

Listen Trump’s tweets operated like an Old 2000s Emo Song

Listen Trump's tweets operated like an Old 2000s Emo Song 3

President Trump’s of US penchant for getting to Twitter to tell his opinions has become a portion of a sticking point, with his moving commentary hitting on everything from his reply to court rulings to his position on Meryl Streep. YouTube parody channel Super Deluxe noticed the tweets reminiscent of something else Early 2000s emo […]

Norwegian hostage released by Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines

The Norwegian man has freed held hostage by Abu Sayyaf Islamist militant group in the Southern Philippines. Kjartan Sekkingstad has seized at a resort September last year, along with a Filipina, who since freed and two Canadians who already executed by the militants. According to peace advisor of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Jesus Dereza, Mr. […]

China Would Offer Philippines Talks if the South China Sea Court Ignored

China offers the Philippines to start negotiations on the South China Sea. The Philippines present the case to the Permanent Court Arbitration in Hague and ruling to expected on July 12. The case contests China’s claiming a bulk area of the South China Sea which 5 Trillion (USD) in ship-borne trade passes each every year. […]

Taiwan Navy Mistakenly Fires Missile, Killing Fisherman

This Friday morning, during the training exercise a Taiwan Navy vessel accidentally fired an antiship missile, captain of a fishing boat is killed and injuring three crew members, stated by the officials. The Hsiung Feng III missile is intended to destroy ships and a range of 185 miles, Is under inspections during the exercise at […]

Eleven Individual Killed in Somalia Hotel Assault

Eleven people meant shot and rates wounded in double vehicle bomb blasts besides a hotel within the Somali capitol Mogadishu ending Saturday lunchtime, one police sheriff has stated. Killed comprised essentially civilians who were inside the Nasa – Hablod Hotel at the time of the explosions. The initial blast hit the entry from the hotel […]