Right after he won the election as the President of the United State, more and more have been revealed about trump. Apparently, all the revelations or findings have shown that trump committed felonies during his campaign. This is the reason why Adam Schiff confirmed that there are high chances that Trump could face a real prospect of jail time. It is however misplaced to think that a powerful president could face a jail term. Misplaced? It is simple, a president who is in power may not be brought to a point where he can face a jail term unless he is out of his presidential docket.

Are the Allegations Based on Truth?

It might be true to President Donald Trump authorized a hush payment to who know who during his campaigns but we are tempted to think twice about this revelation. First, I am drawn towards thinking that this is just a political plot to taint the image of the current president. This is how politics are. If it is not the game of politics, then what is it? If Trump authorized this improper payments during his campaign, why did the critiques shut their mouths until today? In trying to answer this question, we will be tempted to think that someone is trying to poke holes on President Donald Trump’s ship.

There is a tag of war between Trump and the prosecution where Trump denies ever authorizing such payments. On the other hand the prosecution has continuously implicated President Trump in relation to the payments. An ordinary person will be drawn towards thinking that this is a never ending tag of war between the president and the prosecution. Some believe that Trump might be clamped down by his previous actions while some think or know that Trump is a no nonsense guy who knows how to go about handling such issues.

What To Expect From This Case

Given that Cohen did pleaded guilty to the violation of a number of federal crimes during his working for Trump; the issue could take dramatic twist given that the presence of first hand evidence is very crucial when handling such a case. On the other hand, some have been talking about Trump being a beneficiary of Presidential pardon after he leaves office. As for me, I tend to think that Trump may not benefit from such a pardon basically because is he is also entangled in other wrongdoings. He may be pardoned for this one but not for others of hid wrong doings.