U.S. Open Champion Skip Olympic Over Zika 1

Dustin Johnson said last Friday that he would not attend the Olympic Games in Rio regarding fearing in Zika Virus, reported on ESPN.

Dustin also stated that ‘he was irresponsible if her fiancĂ©e or family is putting risk to them and believing that he make a right decision for them, the most important is to recognize furthermore support.’

According to the sports network, thirteen golfers also announced that they would not be attending games, including world’s top golfer Jason Day and Roy McIlroy the No.4, the primary cause for their decision is the Zika virus.

The absence of the three world’s top 4 golfers could jeopardize the historical return of the Olympic sports. The gold has not been determining as Olympic sports since 1904.

Source: The Hill
Image by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

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