Avast Obtain AVG for $1.3 Billion

Avast is obtaining AVG Antivirus Technologies one of the biggest rivals. The deal will grant Avast to access hundreds of million devices.

In the statement on Avast blog, Vincent Steckler Avast CEO said that the deal would give access to more than 400 million devices that already use Avast and AVG applications. Including 250 million Mac, PC users and 160 million for mobile users.

The acquiring process will take a few months, stated by Steckler, But should expect a positive update for the company shortly. Avast will able to gather more data threats to improve user security on Mac, PC’s and mobile and able to obtain Zen mobile technology that can be used to protect the entire family devices from just only one primary device.

The merge also will able to improve technical support to business users.

Source: Avast
Image by Thehackernews