Despite a fair extent of a drop in the rates for mortgage, however, it contributed almost nothing to step-up the figures of Residential property sales in the US in the month of April. In the opinion of the experts, things went that way due to the extravagant prices for the properties as well as constraints in the availability of suitable properties persisted to throw barriers in the path of the property buyers.

Property Sales Figures Dropped By 4.5% In Comparison To The Figures, 12 Months Back

In the month of April 2019, market data recorded a fall of 0.4% in the figure of property sales, compared with the figure recorded in that same regard, in the month of March. This took the adjusted yearly rate of slightly over 5 million units, as stated by the National Association of Realtors. Comparing the figure in this regard with the figures recorded a year back, the drop was around 4.5%. This drop marked a continuous drop for a span of 14 months at a go.

Experts Still Foresee A Silver Line Amidst Dark Clouds

The prevailing rate of home sale comprises for around 90% of the overall sales. However, the as for new developments, the figure displays a continuous lag of productions for a fair extent of time in a row. As per the figures stated by NAR that counts the sales actually closed, it actually accounts for the contracts that were signed between the developers and the customers, in between the month of February and March 2019.

It was during the month of March 2019 that the usual mortgage rate on properties mortgaged for 30 years featured a sharp drop. This automatically triggered an expectation for a considerable rise in the value of sales.

However, the Chief Economist of NAR stated that such instances are not making him concerned about the situation. Explaining his take on the situation, he stated that, it has been an usual matter for the continuous low Mortgage rates clubbing with a rise in the demand for properties will offer the right opportunities to the buyers to gain the sweet returns from their investments in properties. The economist further added that, as there has been improvements in the job creation that is helping for a rise in the wage level, it is likely that the rise in the affordability of the mass will definitely contribute to bring a sharp rise in the figure of property sales.