People normally say that whatever has been done may not be undone. There are some things that can be done and can be reversed. However, ill speech and things that have already been published may not be erased easily. With that idea in mind, here comes the developing story where Mrs. Trump’s (Melania Trump) image has been tainted by a story by Telegraph which exposed negative and baseless facts about Mrs. Trump. The allegation were too much and too personal for it to have been featured on the cover page of the Telegraph magazine. Come to think of it, the apology given by the Telegraph fraternity may not undo things back to their normalcy.

What Were Actual Allegations?

There are two main and very serious allegations that touches on personal and academic life of Mrs. Trump.  The first allegation is that Mrs. Trump did not successfully complete her first degree in the university. This was a Design and Architecture course. As the wife of the most powerful president in the world, people have maliciously used her academic and personal life just to expose things in the wrong way. Now on of the question that I cannot help but ask is “what has Mrs. Trump’s degree got to do with any of us. That is her life and I cannot help but ask myself if anyone could have cared if she was not the first lady of the United States. We can just tell that people are maliciously attacking the first lady just because she is the wife of President Trump.

Secondly, the statement that Mrs. Trump did succeed in her modeling career has no basis because she had not met President Trump at that time. Moreover, this is just another way of people looking for a weak point in a person; a weak point does not even exist. With that, I cannot help but ask myself, the real reason behind someone publishing a false story just to make someone look bad in front of other or his/her subjects? This is something that I don’t have an answer to yet.

Should The Telegraph Carry The Cross?

Yes, it should because even if the story was published by an employee or a section of the whole premises, the company should carry the cross if Mrs. Trump will decide to file a case. The company should carry the cross because it had the power to bar such a story from being published but it did not. The later apology could not be here if such as story could have been barred before being published.