We might not be in a position to tell what the initial LGBT stands for but the day has come for you to know. LGBT stands basically stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender” If we add ‘Q” to these initial, it will mean queer questioning. Now that we know what it means, lately, some of the most popular actors in the U.S; Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla have been reported to parade in the streets to dance for a thanksgiving day. This was what has been termed as the “Thanks Giving Parade”. I am not against anything about their actions but I cannot help it but pose a question as to whether their conduct was ethical.

What Did This Actors Do That Warrant Questioning?

You will be shocked to find out that at the climax of the big performance, Kinnunen and McCalla shared a kiss live on television. Considering that same-sex relationship is allowed in some stated of the United, I don’t think it was justifiable for this two great actors to kiss in public. The reason behind this reasoning might be fallacious considering that some of us support same-sex relationship. However, just for the benefit of respect and professionalism, it would have been good for the duo not to kiss on public television. It could have been better if they had kissed in a secluded area of in a camera. This could have preserved their image considering that some of their fans are against same-sex relationships.

Was The Public Kiss Worthy?

The answer to the above question is yes and no! Considering that it was a thanksgiving day parade, the two actors under the umbrella of Broadway’s ‘The prom’ was trying to show how grateful they were towards NBC and Macy. The two entertainment houses had accepted and included LGBT individuals in their cycle. Such individuals had been shown acceptance and love and this has shunned discrimination and stigmatization. If we base our reasoning on the later, then you will agree with me that the kiss was justified.

It Was Just Acting

Considering that the two actors were acting, such a kiss could have been hypothetical. Hypothetical in the sense that it was aimed at showing acceptance towards individuals who are associated with same-sex relationships. This was the very first kiss and since this was a comedy, we are drawn towards accepting the fact that it could have been an act that was just aimed at driving a point home.