Watch: Playing The Star Wars Theme Using 64 Floppy Drives And Other Hardware 1

Assorted junk hardware plus playing the latest genre Star Wars Theme it’s weirdly awesome.

The song of John Williams Star Wars theme is brought and played by machines on YouTube channel maestro Paweł Zadrożniak. The video stated to a “Floppotron 2.0” including 64 floppy drives along with help of other devices stuff.

According to his blog, the sounds is achieved by using the motors in scanners, floppy drives playing around with the speed and a value of the voltage to create sounds. He also stated that if ‘higher the frequency, the higher the pitch.’

And recently this week he also shared other videos Floppotron playing the Smells Like Teen Spirit and the Hawaii Five-O theme.

Source: The Verge
Image: Screenshot in Youtube

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