Watch: Skydiver Jumps 25,000 Feet Into Net Without a Parachute

Luke Aikins, a 42-year-old skydiver, and the veteran was made a history by creating a first man to jump 25, 000 feet without a parachute. The landing is almost in the middle of the 100 foot by the 100-foot net.

The leap was broadcast by Fox, providing crowd and other members of the family to watched thrill in the California desert.

According to Mr. Aikins that no need to wear a parachute because it would have made the jump more dangerous when approaching the net.

The jump itself schemed to almost the last foot. He dropped in the plane at 25k feet, shed with an oxygen mask at 18k feet.

Also, he used lights on the net to put himself, plunging through the net at 150 mph.

Source: Telegraph

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