If you’ve read a few online blog posts or articles about how to make money online, then you’ve probably heard about affiliate marketing. But what is affiliate marketing, and how may you make money doing it?

Here are the 9 things you need to know about affiliate marketing.

It’s referring

At its simplest, affiliate marketing simply means that a person that has a website refers one of his visitors to another site where there is a product available to buy. Thanks to cookie technology, the sites will know how many visitors were referred, and which visitors actually bought the product in question. And this will lead to the referring site owner getting a commission of the sale.

Example: Let’s say you have a blog where you mention a particular book. You know that the book is available on Amazon, and sign up to their affiliate program, find the book in question on their site and generate a special link that has your personal affiliate identity number on it. Whenever someone clicks that link, Amazon will know that you sent them there, and if the book is bought, you get a commission.

It’s selling without having stock

As mentioned above, at the simplest level, affiliate marketing is simply referring people to a site that sells things. But the way this technology works, it can be difficult to see that the referring site is not a real shop sometimes. So another way of looking at affiliate marketing is that it’s a way to set up shop without having to buy stock or pay rent. All you need is a website!

It’s about getting visitors

The thing to remember about affiliate marketing is that it reflects how difficult getting visitors is. Getting visitors to your site takes time, and costs money. This is why businesses and stores give commissions to even the smallest site owner. Selling one product per month will not make you money as an affiliate marketer, but the shop in question has hundreds of thousands of people like you, and the sum total of these sales are huge.

It’s about having a reputation

Affiliate marketing works great if you have any kind of reputation within a field. Let’s say that you’re a renowned photographer. Well, people will trust your choice of cameras and photo equipment. If you place links on your site, maybe your followers will follow your advice whenever they want camera gear and photo equipment.

This is great for the shop, as well, as they do not have to worry about advertising for that particular sale. The affiliate marketer is doing it for them. Sure, brand awareness and offers need advertising, but if you only look at that one transaction, it is based on clicks, sales, and commissions. And since the link is on the referrer’s site, it has no cost for the shop before the sale is made!

It can make you money

If you have a small site, with few visitors, placing an affiliate link somewhere on your pages will not make you rich. But if you want to make money online, being an active affiliate marketer may be the easiest way of making a buck ever. Don’t get me wrong; nothing is easy, but with which other means may you make thousands of dollars each month, maybe more, without having made a single product? Without having a store? Or even a business? If you wanted to, you could set up “shop” today, and you could start making money right away by buying advertising on Facebook or Google. The competition is fierce for the most coveted keywords, but the possibilities are there.

It’s about keywords

Affiliate marketing is all about keywords. What is a keyword? Simply a word or phrase that a person uses while searching for something online. If you search for “silk underwear,” your keyword for that search is “silk underwear.” Now, if you sell silk underwear then you really want to get in touch with that person on that particular search. Google does this by ranking web pages for certain keywords. It looks at all web pages that exist and decides which is the most useful for each set of keyword. If Google thinks that your page on silk underwear is useful, it will rank you on one of the first five places on the search page for “silk underwear.” And this means that you will most likely reach all those people searching for silk underwear.

Organic or paid?

So keywords are important. But you do not need to make a blog, create content and wait for Google to rank you for some keywords. Instead, you can pay Google to add your links to these same search pages! These are the “ad” results you see when you search for things on Google. If you choose this type of advertising, be prepared to pay dearly for it, though. But the good news is that you only pay when someone clicks on your link. This will not make you money, but the more people that visit your site, the higher the probability that some of them will click your affiliate link later.

It’s fun!

Affiliate marketing is fun. Probably one of the greatest hobbies you can have if you’re into the Internet. Once you’ve set up your sites, there isn’t much to it, just sit back and enjoy.

It involves lots of money!

And, as mentioned above, if you’ve done your job right, you could bring in a lot of money with affiliate marketing. Hundreds of thousands of people make tens of thousands of dollars each month just doing affiliate marketing. Millions make thousands of dollars. And if you’re happy just making a few hundred bucks, well, this is what tens of millions of people are managing to do each and every month. The clock is ticking, people all over the world are making money with affiliate marketing, as they sleep. When will you start?

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