Don’t tell me you have not heard about the word “covfefe.” O gosh!!! Are you residing in this planet earth at all?

The Great Shock

The late night/early morning action of President Donald Trump of the United States of America is no longer a rumor. At the moment when people had already retired to their beds from work, after having experienced the stress Tuesday had to offer, the presidency shook the whole world. At 12:06 a.m. on Wednesday, 31st May 2017, President Trump sent a tweet to the world with these words “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” and he goes further to say “….” Wait a minute…. That was all. This sentence looks incomplete, and it leaves everyone in utter amazement. Everyone still wonders why the US president said it and what he means by that word “covfefe.”

Can you read Trump’s mind

If his intention was just to get the attention of millions of people through the internet, then we can say he achieved that. Donald Trump has an estimate of about 31 million followers on his Twitter handle. He left these people, as well as those who aren’t his supporters, pondering about the word “covfefe.” Some tried to make sense out of the word, and others regarded it as nonsense. Some others said it was a typographical error: that he wanted to type “coverage” and then he mistakenly typed “covfefe” and sent it also. Well, all these are just speculations. No one can say for sure what he meant by the word “covfefe”.

Trump just keeps surprising us

To add to this, when he woke up, he deleted the tweet at 5:30 am on the same day. This tweet had already gained more than 130,000 likes and 100,000 comments in 5 hours. In less than 20 minutes time, he sent out another tweet. What did he say? Here’s it: “who can figure out the real meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!”

Are you up to the task

Trump challenges the world with his “covfefe.” One of the questions that are on the mind of many people is whether he was the first person to coin the word or he just borrowed and reused it. In the span of 72 hours, so many researches have been carried out by individuals in search of the real meaning of the word. So many dictionaries and encyclopedias have been consulted. Different language translators have also been checked just to ascertain the true meaning of “covfefe.” But still to no avail.

The fun aspect

While some people are taking the pain to research on this strange word, some set of individuals is making fun of it. Someone said he was trying to communicate with some people on another planet and, hence, those people understand the meaning of the word. Another person suggested that we seek the aid of aliens to figure out the meaning of the word. While we are still cracking our brains about this new word, someone on this earth just purchased the domain name, (Laugh Out Loud).

All these comments point to the fact that the word, covfefe, has kept the minds of the citizens of the USA and, by extension, the world, thinking about the same thing. Even though some see more of the fun aspect of it.

Or is it a Mistake?

Well, some people believe that Trump made a mistake. In other words, he wanted to type the word “coverage”, but he mistakenly typed “covfefe” and tweeted the same as well. That is, they believed this was what was in his mind initially:

“Despite the constant negative press coverage.” Although this makes sense, it is based on speculations till the president clears this up. But come to think of it, doesn’t this obviously look like a mistake? Is the president above mistakes that he doesn’t want to accept this?

“Conway…Covfefe” …any similarity

Some others believe that the word is a misspelling or adulteration of Trump’s counselor’s name, Kellyanne Conway. Just recently, Conway cooked up a fictitious story about the “Bowling Green massacre” which took place in the states. She said that two well-trained Iraqis were the masterminds of this massacre that claimed the lives of innocent soldiers. We, however, don’t know how this fit into Trump’s tweet. But, we are confident that it is just one of the many speculations that have emerged.


We cannot dispute the fact that Trump’s tweet, via his iPhone, attracted crowd and the whole nation and, by extension, the world is talking about this. Although no one is still certain about the meaning of the word. We all hope that Trump would come out to explain further about his coined word or to apologize if it were a mistake.