This is one of the questions that many have been asking themselves. Presidential impeachment is not a new thing in the United States. It has happened before and this time there is a possibility that it will happen again. Whether it will happen or not, the main question here is if such efforts would success in the first place. But first before that, it is worth asking ourselves what could be the sole cause of the calls for impeachment of President Trump.

Al Greens’ Allegations

The calls for the president to be impeaches is bases on rampant racial oppression, gender disparities and socioeconomic status of the country as we speak. It is important to look at each of this issues and see if it warrants the impeachment of President Trump. First is the issue of racial discrimination. Since Trump got to power, many have been smelling something to do with sidelining the African Americans as well as the Hispanics. The smell of such issues did emanate from Donald Trump’s campaign in which he express the idea that America need to be great again and that the white majority should have a say over the rest. However, come to think of it the African Americans are the ones who contributed to the growth of the United States. Remember that if it were not for slaves, the many farms and industries could not have taken shape in the first place.

Secondly, gender discrimination is another issues which could be used against the President. In many occasion, he has been seen not to respect the fact that men and women are equal. Developing from that also, Trump did show that he valued women less during his campaigns where there were allegations that he did use women for selfish reasons. But those were things that happened before he came to power. As for me, I don’t think that issue holds in the first place.

Thirdly, the issue of socioeconomic status of the country could be another issue that will be used by Al Green in his efforts to push for Trumps impeachment. Yes, it is true that Trump did not achieve much during his 100 days in power and as we speak, America could be leading towards the wrong direction basically because there is no economic and social growth so far. That could also be a threat to Trumps security of power in the coming election.