YouTube will offer users their own production content for free through an initiative supported by advertising which will be available to all users of the platform in the year 2020. A YouTube representative has informed of the change of strategy to the weekly American Variety.

Own Production Of Original Content

All the contents of YouTube Originals, the series, and programs of the company’s own production will be free and solely financed through the advertising inserted in the videos as of 2020.

This free availability of YouTube Originals shows will begin to be introduced during 2019 on the platform. However, some series will continue to be available only to those users who pay for a subscription.

Users who continue to pay YouTube Premium may skip advertising, access the streaming music platform or watch videos offline.

The video platform owned by Google thus changes the system for viewing these contents and eliminates the monthly subscription to watch the shows and offer them in a similar way to the rest of the materials included in YouTube.

Is this the end of YouTube Premium Subscription?

No, this does not mean the end of YouTube Premium subscriptions, since, although there is no official confirmation, it is speculated that those users who pay a fee may skip the advertising of the contents, in addition to having access to the company’s streaming music platform and access to YouTube videos without the need for a connection.

These original programs were released in 2016 when the Premium service was still called YouTube Red. And they have had some of the most influential stars of American television. The presenter Ellen DeGeneres or the actor Kevin Hart is some of the most recognizable characters within these YouTube Originals.

In addition, some series like “Kobra Kai”, based on the history of Karate Kid, has conquered millions of users of the platform globally. This series is one of the contents that during 2019 will still remain exclusively for those users who pay the monthly fee.

Tough Competition

The video platform has been making great efforts in the production of its original content. However, it has not had the desired support from the public, with which the company has almost been forced to change the way of offering these programs.

The competition of other platforms such as Netflix or Amazon which have budgets of billions of dollars for the production of their shows makes YouTube Originals start from a disadvantage when it comes to contesting the audience.